Deeply in debt and worried about survival, I discovered...
"The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire Is Simply Using the Right Words!"


You are 17 words or less away from a fortune!  I'll reveal all the 'magic' words you'll ever need in my new book.  Picture yourself earning several hundred thousand dollars a year.  Work a few hours a week from the comfort of home, at a leisurely pace.

ertain words produce amazing results, as if by magic.

All you desire in life, including everlasting wealth can be yours, depending on the words with which you express yourself.

Words have power.  They can make you laugh.  Or cry.  Build a cathedral or skyscraper.  Fight for your country.  Who can ever forget the speeches of Winston Churchill, which stirred a nation.  March for peace.  Back your ideas with a million dollars.  Or flock to buy your product!

That's why I call my new book MAGIC WORDS THAT BRING YOU RICHES.

I show you the exact words to enrich your life, financially and in numerous other ways, too.  But first, I want to tell you how I discovered the process.

At the age of 29 I had a wife and four children to support.  Despite working 12-hour days, 7 days a week, poor decisions and bad luck left me $250,000 in debt.

I prayed for divine guidance.  Suddenly a simple truth appeared to me.  I was reflecting on the small successes I had in my life until that point in time.  It hit me like a bolt of lightning!  This discovery completely turned my life around.  And it will change yours too.

ifferent words produce different results!  And it didn't matter whether they were spoken or written.  As with the great truths, once known they seem so simple!

Then I began experimenting and testing different words and phrases communicating with people in business.  I also decided to test a product idea in inexpensive classified ads.

The first ad cost me $90. It contained just 17 words. By mail I got back $360 in orders, all with payment!

BONUS MAGIC WORDS - A special section of the book will also show you how to get the best table in any restaurant by saying just 2 Magic Words.  Raise all the money you'll ever need.  Also have employers clamoring to offer you jobs, lease a Mercedes for the price of a Ford, fly first class for the price of coach, attract the opposite sex, and much, much more, all by using Magic Words!

Here is what you don't need.

  • Money - I began with just $90.
  • Office or equipment - A simple ruled pad and pen at home is all I had to start with.
  • A product - My book will show you exactly how to find a steady stream of hot products at little or no cost.
  • Geographic location - My strategies work anywhere in the world, including a tiny village.
  • Luck - my system does not involve any gambling or risk whatsoever.

This may not sound like much, but to expand I found I could simply repeat the ad and expand my success.  I ran the same ad in numerous newspapers and magazines, over and over again.  Within a short time my sales were $40,000 a month!

hen I changed one or two words, I got vastly different response and profit.  This blew my mind!  Exactly the same thing happened in sales letters, I was determined to develop a vocabulary of simple words that I could scientifically prove were profitable.

I continued experimenting. I then ran my first full-page ad.  It cost me $1,200.  Sales from this attempt were $15,000.  I repeated this ad in dozens of magazines.  My sales soon exceeded $200,000 a month!  And I still operated from the comfort of home.

Today, I have a lifestyle about which I always dreamed.  I now live in a large penthouse in Clearwater, Florida.  I view the Gulf of Mexico through windows 18 feet tall.  My car is a red Mercedes convertible.  We also maintain a lovely home in Switzerland, where we enjoy hiking and skiing.

he enormous power of Magic Words has made me a millionaire many times over.  In 1991, I tried retirement.  It lasted a few months.  I found it wasn't all it is cracked up to be.

I looked for something else to do.  I decided to share with others my discoveries in books and seminars.  Since I don't need the money I decided to give my secrets away free as a form of charity.  But I learned when people get something for nothing they usually place no value on it (this includes my own close relatives).  So, I do the next best thing, I reveal my secrets at a cost anyone can afford.

Success based on Magic Words can be duplicated.  You can do as well, or better, than me.  Anyone who uses the words, and I mean anyone, can become a millionaire!  Thousands of my readers have already become rich.  A few of them are included below.  And if you are sincere and apply yourself, you too will soon have all the money you desire.

What readers say.

 Product Review - Mike Enlow

"Ted's strategies earned me over $1,000,000 last year!"

- Mike Enlow, Masters of Marketing, Magnolia, Mississippi

Results not typical. Most customers don't take any action, so do not get results like these.

 Product Review - Francois Blot

"Within the first 30 days after getting your secrets, I earned $30,000."

- Francois Blot, Paris, France

Results not typical. Most customers don't take any action, so do not get results like these.

 Product Review - Peter Habday

"Secrets I hope my competitors never see.  If I could, I would ban this book immediately!"

- Peter Habday, copywriter, London

 Product Review - Bill Bonner

"Ted Nicholas is one of the world's most gifted marketers.  He's got the magic touch.  Every moment I've spent with him has paid off enormously."

- Bill Bonner, President, Baltimore, Maryland

 Product Review - Report

" of the greatest books on communications ever published.  Absolutely must-reading for every person who wants more success, more money, more love, and more freedom.."

- Insiders Money-Making Report

 Product Review - Mike Chantry

"Your book helped me earn $20,000 in the last 60 days.  My son has also received 4 job offers in the last 3 weeks using ideas on page 15.."

- Mike Chantry, London

Results not typical. Most customers don't take any action, so do not get results like these.

Click here to see more testimonials from people whose lives have been changed by reading  "Magic Words That Bring You Riches."

Obviously, "Magic Words That Bring You Riches" has dramatically changed many people's lives -- and it can change yours, too.  Why don't you give it a try? You will also receive the following free bonuses:

  • Lucky 13 Secrets of A Successful Order Form -- These are tactics you  must employ immediately (either online or offline) to boost your orders by up to 300%, and virtually eliminate the probability of people changing their minds about ordering.

  • Little Known Envelope Secrets to Increase Response From Your Mailings -- Double the response from your mailings by making these simple, but powerful changes to the most important part of your sales letter -- the envelope.  Online, you can also use most of these secrets by applying them to key components leading to the sales letter. 


I unconditionally guarantee this book in black and white.  You can order this book risk-free, even if you are simply curious.  If you fail to earn at least $900 per week within a 30-day period, in addition to your current income and while working no more than 12 hours a week at a leisurely pace, return the book for a refund.

However, I suggest you order at once.  As much as I'd like to, I cannot guarantee the special low price for much longer.  This online book is being published under a special license arrangement with an independent publisher, and this offer is a limited price test.  The price will soon be substantially higher.

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